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Supplemental offerings to the courses

At our German language school you learn German as a foreign language and you can apply the language skills directly at a lot of additional activities. Please remember that the expenses for the additional activities are not included in the course price. The reservation is directly made with the provider.

An extraordinary journey through climates and around the world

In the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost you experience the world's various climate zones up close. The worlds of experience consist of a variety of installations, stations for the senses, multimedia installations and a lot more. Further information: www.klimahaus-bremerhaven.de


  • Entry card
  • No waiting times at the payment desk
  • Introductory event
  • Exploration sheets for beginners and the advanced

Location: Bremerhaven

With ocean liners, great sailing ships and steamships on the world's seas

The Deutsche Schiffahrtsmuseum (German Maritime Museum) offers you an exciting journey through the history of shipping, commercial fishing, marine research and polar research, as well as life on board, then and now. Further information: www.dsm.museum


  • No waiting times at the payment desk
  • Entry card
  • A choice - guided tour no. 1: "Shipping - then and now" or guided tour no. 2: "Boat construction, commercial fishing, marine research and polar research, rescue services, whaling"; guided tours for 6 or more persons

Location: Bremerhaven


On the trail of emigrants and immigrants

How does it actually feel to leave your old homeland and set off on your way to a new life? In the Deutsche Auswandererhaus (German Emigration Center) you embark on a journey in time - as you do so, you get to know the exciting family histories of emigrants and immigrants, going back as far as the 17th century. Further information: www.dah-bremerhaven.de


  • No waiting times at the payment desk
  • Boarding Pass (entry card)
  • Questionnaire for beginners and the advanced

Location: Bremerhaven


Kitesurfing - experience the wind and waves live

With designated water sport areas and a top-quality VDWS / IKO training team, the Cuxhaven surf school provides you with optimum conditions for learning how to kitesurf. Further information: www.surfschule-cuxhaven.de


  • Starter coursers and taster courses
  • Courses at various levels of ability
  • Windsurfing
  • SUP - stand-up paddleboard

Location: Cuxhaven


"Regardless of whether a degree course, profession or leisure time, a common language facilitates everything."


"I like the idea of having lessons combined with activities"

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