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Corporate customers

Train your employees in the German language

As is well known language and communication are the key to success in entrepreneurial as well as private sectors. To understand others and to be understood, to be able to express precisely and to tell your counterpart what to want are the most important skills and preconditions for beneficial work and a caring cooperation. Our language school located in Bremerhaven, the haven language school, is specialized in German as a foreign language and offers companies to teach emplyoees from foreign countries in the German language. This can be for the first acquiring of the language or for progression of existing skills.

Linguistic certainty in the job and in everyday life

We provide customized language courses for your employees that are geared to your needs and your technical vocabulary. Your employees will  show more certainty in using the German language and they will become more productive, moreover, they can orient themselves easily in the corporate culture and will find purchase on their private environment.

Language courses for companies

Together we will determine the educational objectives, compile a lesson plan and document the progress. The premises of our haven language school serve as class rooms. The lessons for your employees are created according to the most modern learning style informative and motivating by  experienced teachers. Feel free to contact us and we will show you the suitable option for your enterprise.


"Regardless of whether a degree course, profession or leisure time, a common language facilitates everything."


"I like the idea of having lessons combined with activities"

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